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The Angels Of Kaos are a divinely diverse bunch of casual singing enthusiasts.

If it’s a great song we’ll sing it - from Bach to Bacharach, Stevie Nicks to Stevie Wonder, Madonna to Barenaked Ladies - all laced with heavenly harmonies...


enquiries & bookings:

+44 (0)7950 359199 angels@thekaos.org

The Angels Of Kaos often perform to raise funds for The Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf & Hearing Children

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'a life-enhancing group of singers... with warmth of tone, drama, humour, sentiment, beauty and passion' 

Colin Howard

(North London Festival)




enquiries & bookings:

+44 (0)7950 359199 angels@thekaos.org

coming up...

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The Angels Of Kaos live at The Boogaloo 312 Archway Road N6 5AT

Not in London?

Check out our fabulous Cambridgeshire Angels


audience participation not compulsory but might be irrestistible

angels in action

8.30pm Friday 7th November 2014

8.30pm Friday 19th December 2014

OXJAM 2014

Saturday 25th October 2014

Live music all-day fundraiser at the Earl Haig Hall, Elder Avenue, Crouch End N8. 12.15pm to 11.45pm.

The Angels are on at 6pm.

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